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Paper Botanics & Curios

Paper Damselfly: Tropical Rockmaster 3D Specimen

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** Black frames are currently out of stock from my supplier. I am offering light oak coloured frames at this time. Please message me directly if you would prefer to wait for a black frame**


Thank you for looking at one of my handmade paper scientific specimens. Created using sustainably sourced materials, each specimen is made using layers of paper to provide a three-dimensional effect promoting a sense of realism. 

Each specimen:

  • Is created from prints of original hand paintings of my own making. 
  • Is an ethical alternative to true taxidermy.
  • Provides a viable method of collecting and appreciating endangered species without destruction.

Paper Botanics provide a budget and easy care substitute to help create the vintage museum style aesthetic in your home or office. In addition, each specimen is its own artwork making for an original gift idea for any collector. 

No destruction of endangered species, no degeneration of specimens; just beautiful, natural looking handmade paper critters to enhance any space.

Don’t forget to check out my many other paper creations offered in my store. New artworks are being added all the time, so be sure to follow my social media to see what I’m working on @paperbotanicsau


Species: The Tropical Rockmaster is a brilliant blue damselfly found in Northern Australia and parts of Papua New Guinea.

Description: a multi-layered 3D paper construction created using prints of my original artworks.